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Gina Illies


Gina received her early training from Butterfield Gallerie of Dance in Maple Grove, Minnesota and was immersed in all styles of dance. Upon graduating from high school Gina moved to the west coast to further her dance education and her performance career. In her time living in Los Angeles she had the privilege to workwith many world-renowned choreographers and to perform with legends such as Prince. 

After returning from California, Gina brought her newfound knowledge and experience to the Minnesota dance scene. She received many choreography awards for her electric dances and became one of the most well known choreographers in the area. Gina has shifted her focus to her ultimate passion, which is training recreational level dancers. Gina uses her expertise in child development combined with her with joy and passion for dance to develop all of her students dance vocabulary and technique.

For more than 20 years Gina has been an incredible presence in the Minnesota dance community and had inspired countless students to follow their hearts and their passions. The lessons learned in her classroom go far beyond dance technique performance and help her students leave her class everyday as better people than when they came in. The Dance Complex is absolutely elated to have Gina on staff and we know our students will be spoiled to have her as a teacher each week!

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